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Viva Vino jolly good wine for home, for parties, for events, for you.

Chris – a jolly fine chap, will happily deliver six or more wines to your door!
FREE DELIVERY to Market Harborough, Rutland, Brixworth and surrounds.

viva vino wine bottles
Chris at Viva Vino

“I love food, I love wine, I love chatting and laughing – they all go together. So, if you’re thinking about a quaffer to enchance your supper or looking for that fizz to make your bash sparkle, I’m happy to help! Cheers”

Chris, Viva Vino

“When you meet Chris you quickly appreciate the passion and knowledge he has for wine. I explained what I had purchased before so Chris could gain an understanding of my taste. His suggestions were spot on and I have since purchased from him on many occasions.”

Tom Murie

“Chris provides an amazing wine delivery service, as well as being a thoroughly nice bloke… His knowledge and no-nonsense advice of quality wines has provided me with wines that suit my taste, as well as introducing me to some amazing alternatives that I would never have chosen for myself.”

Sharon Lewin

Why choose Viva Vino?

My honest answer, Jolly Good Wine, hassle free service and great prices.

Viva Vino was established over thirty years ago. I started buying from Viva Vino in 2008, first as a private client, then for my pub, then for my wedding – great wine, great service, great prices. So great, in fact, that in 2015 I brought the company. I can, hand on heart, say that the business works for the customer because I was the customer before I became the business.

Get in touch

I love hearing about celebrations, events and chatting wine, so if you want to chat, call the cellar on 01536 770707, or call or message Chris on 07889 757660.

You can also fill in the form or email me at chris@vivavino.co.uk