A Guide to Choosing Wine for Events

How Do You Choose the Wine for a Summer Event?

Last week’s sunny weather has reminded us all of one thing – after a long and cold winter, summer is just around the corner. In summer, everyone’s calendar seems to end up jammed packed with events. There’s parties, weddings, graduations… And all these events tend to mean one thing: wine! But how do we choose the wine for events?

If you’re planning to host an event this summer, choosing the wine can be incredibly daunting. What do you go for? Does it have to match the food? Is red a complete no-go in the summer months? Is it easier to just get a wine merchant to supply the wine for your event? Sometimes, it can even depend on the type of event you’re hosting. Here at Viva Vino, we’ve cobbled together a little guide on choosing wine for events, which you can read below.

White Wine 

Due to the fact that it’s best served cold, white wine is often considered to be one of the nation’s favourite refreshing summer tipples. White wine goes particularly well with chicken and fish, which makes it the perfect choice for an alfresco summer dinner party with friends in a sunny garden.


Wine for Events

Red wine

Red wine isn’t your conventional summer drink because, unlike white wine and rosé, it isn’t often consumed chilled, although it does still find its way into our summer in the odd pitcher of sangria! With that said, however, red wine is commonly paired with red meats, such as beef and lamb. These meats tend to be absolute staples in the average British summer barbecue, so perhaps red wine isn’t such an odd choice after all.

In addition, red wine can be very pleasant to drink on a summer evening, as the night draws in and the air begins to cool. Red wine has been shown to have a warming effect, which may just save you from having to pop back into the house to fetch a jumper to throw on as the sun sets.


Rosé is a very easy-drinking wine, which tends to make it a crowd-pleaser. Furthermore, rosé is generally that little bit fruitier, making it a lovely summer drink. Rosé is just perfect when popped in a bucket of ice at a summer party and is sure to be a hit with your guests.


It’s always important that you serve your wine at the appropriate temperature, but on a summer’s day, the temperature is everything, as it guarantees a perfectly refreshing summer tipple. As most people probably don’t have a fridge big enough for that much wine, plus all of the food that’s required, this is where the argument for hiring a wine merchant is made. Viva Vino offers a cooling service when supplying the wine for events, meaning that every glass is served at the perfect temperature for a delightfully refreshing summer’s drink.

Viva Vino – Supplying Wine for Events

If you’re hosting an event this summer, whether that be a dinner party, summer barbecue, or even your wedding reception, Viva Vino is the perfect choice to supply the wine. With our cooling service, ‘sale or return’ policy, and an expert on hand to advise you, we can ensure the perfect wine for the event.

Curious as to how much the drinks for your event are likely to cost? You can answer a few simple questions on our website and we’ll instantly provide you with an estimate of the relevant pricing.

Alternatively, you can contact Chris on 07889 757660, or email chris@vivavino.co.uk, and arrange the wine for your event today.