Looking for wine for a wedding?

A great celebration and well worthy of raising a glass or two. The right wine at the right temperature to have on arrival, compliment the wedding breakfast, raise for the toast and help you dance the night away, sounds a tricky thing to do especially when you have your wedding in a field. Well, it’s not, it is what Viva Vino is really good at and it’s not as expensive as you think.

  • Between 100 and 120 guests
  • Glasses of bubbles and / or pink on arrival
  • Red and white wines (sometimes pink too) to accompany the meal
    More bubbles for the speeches and toast
  • Red, white and pink wines for the evening dance
  • Elderflower Presse and Raspberry Lemonade provided throughout the day for those that
    fancy a non-alcoholic option

The average price for all things wine worked out to be just £11.25 per guest.

  • Viva Vino and The Bride and Groom have a tasting and select their wines
  • Viva Vino works out the quantities
  • Viva Vino chills the wine
  • Viva Vino delivers the wine at a time that suits
  • Free Glass Loan with ‘No Need to Wash Up’
  • Viva Vino collects the glasses and any up-opened wine, at a time that suits
  • Viva Vino bills you only for what you have used, all drinks are provided on a sale or return basis

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