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Tom Murie’s daughter’s wedding

Tom Murie
Tom Murie’s daughter’s wedding

I have known Chris Richardson and his company Viva Vino for the past 18 months in which time he has provided wines and his excellent services for two wine-tasting events in our village and to my own daughter’s wedding. 

What I have learned about Chris in that short time is that he is a man full of passion for his business and its products, and that he is always willing to go the extra mile to provide an outcome which will delight his clients. 

For our wedding he provided a personal wine-tasting session at our home which proved to be very helpful, informative and fun. And even when, after tasting a dozen or so great wines, we were still looking for something different on the white he went back to the market and found us just what we fancied. In the end we had a super selection of Cremont, Rose, Whites and Reds which went down a storm!

There is however much more to his service than great wines – for example, judging volumes for 160 guests can be tricky but Chris agreed a reasonable buffer which he supplied on a sale or return basis which helped manage the cost and made the process so much easier. He was able to supply glasses for all the wines, and even went further to provide glass-ware for drinks he was not even supplying ! 

On the weekend of the big day all the wines were supplied the evening before in cooler boxes where necessary which kept them just right for over 24 hours. He even provided something to cool beers in – again when he wasn’t selling us beer. 

What could be done to lighten the load of a busy weekend was done –  always willingly and with a smile.

All in all we found the experience of working with Viva Vino to be excellent.