Shop Local in Market Harborough

What is “Shop Local”?  You may have already heard of the “Shop Local” movement. Essentially, it encourages consumers to spend more money in local, independent businesses in order to support their local community.

Why Shop Local?

Above all else, shopping locally keeps the economy within your community healthy and strong, but there are many benefits to the “Shop Local” movement.

Keeping money in the community

When you shop in a local, independent store, you can be certain that the money you spend will be kept within the community. With larger chains, on the other hand, the money tends to find its way back to the company’s head office, or even overseas, with very little investment back into the communities in which the company has its chains.

Keeping jobs in the community

On a similar note, local businesses are more likely to create jobs locally and improve employment within your community. Larger chains, on the other hand, often bring their own staff from other locations to fill their vacancies. The more these local business thrive, the more local jobs they will be able to offer to the community, and this will best happen with the community’s support.

Helping the environment

Local business tend to have a lesser need for the transport of goods, as they are often based in one location. Larger chains, however, often operate across many sites and are frequently importing, exporting and moving goods between locations, which comes with a significant impact on the environment. With the Shop Local movement, you encourage businesses to operate on a more local basis, which helps to reduce the environmental impact of business operations within the community.

Shop Local in Market Harborough

Shop Local Market Harborough  If you’re looking to shop local in Market Harborough, there are a number of options. For example, the Harborough Market was recently voted Britain’s Best Small Indoor Market and has over 60 independent stalls, selling goods that range from meat, fish and cheese to fashion, gifts and homeware.

Shop Local in Market Harborough with Viva Vino

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