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Jolly Good March-On Box!


Jolly Good Wines Specifically for March !



March is here Hooray!

Apparently we are all doing very well and what we have just got to do is  March – On stick to the route map and we will get there.

But when should we be drinking glorious wine? Well here are a few keys days to the month ahead with some wine suggestions:

March 1st – It’s no longer February drink Merlot!

March 3rd – Bonzar Bottler Day drink Pinot Grigio, (BBD is when the number of the month coincides with the number of the day)

March 5th – World prayer day drink Barbera and give thanks to Bacchus

March 8th – Kids back to school, drink Sauvy B and lots of it, you deserve it!

March 10th – Alexander Graham Bell’s Birthday drink ‘Le Fou’ Pinot Noir, ring a friend and tell them, that they are crazy (in french ‘Fou’) but you still love them.

March 14th- Mothering Sunday treat her to a beautiful glass of French dry, pale pink, then you drink the rest!

March 17th – St Patricks day – pubs can’t provide you with a decent pint of Guinness, so make a stand and drink Last Stand Shiraz

March 20th – First Day of Spring drink Sparkling Pink!

March 21st – World Poetry Day – be sophisticated drink Rioja Blanco and see where the prose takes you

March 27th – Last Saturday in March drink Malbec and ORDER WINE FROM VIVA VINO 

March 28th – Clocks change British Summer Time begins, drink Vermentino and B-B-Q-o !

March 31st – Drink Rioja! It’s the 31st, the monthly day of Thirst!

I hope the above is helpful and just to go the extra mile I have put together the ‘Jolly March-on Box’ which happens to have one of each of the above wines in, how handy is that! Quick recap 4 whites, 6 reds, 1 pink, 1 pink fizz!

Just hit the ‘add to basket’ nip through the check-out then leave the rest to me!!


How much does delivery cost?
I don’t charge a penny for delivery to Market Harborough, Rutland, Brixworth and surrounds. See details.

How do you pick the wines?
I pick the best sellers from the restaurant trade and the ones I love.

If I like a particular wine can I have it again or buy a case of just that wine?
No problem just get in touch with me and I will happily sort it out. In fact, a lot of people in the wine club have a repeat order of certain wines and a mix of wines I pick – check out the wine club page.

What happens if I don’t like a particular wine?
Tell me and let me know why you don’t like it, that way if it’s a fault with the wine I can get you another bottle or if it’s simply not to your tastes I won’t put that one or similar in your mix again.

Get in touch if you have a question


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