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Jolly Good Vegan Box 🌿

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Jolly Good Vegan Wine

Its a virtue not a vice! mix of six red, white & pink!



Jolly Good Vegan Box

What? It will be rubbish! Is the thought of most carnivores – Well you are WRONG! IT’S JOLLY GOOD, Why?

The answer is that an animal product is only used in the clarification process of wine making and has no effect on the taste. Without being too techy, the animal derivative (called a fining quite often a protein) is put into the wine and causes the bits of grape skin and stem, that are floating in the freshly made wine, to clump together then sink. Therefore making the wine clearer as these bits have dropped out. So, if a wine maker uses a non-animal fining and the wine is just as clear then this has to be a virtue rather than a vice. The most common being Bentonite, which is a clay, also often used is pea protein.  

So what’s in the box?

2 whites 2 pinks 2 reds

Tabalí Pedregoso Gran Reserva Sauvignon Blanc

Amauta Absoluto Torrontes

‘Les Cerisiers’, Côtes du Rhône Rosé

Mont Rocher Rosé

Nostros Pinot Noir Reserva

Cabaret Frank No.2 ‘The Aviary’

This box is 60 for six but double up and get 10 off your case of twelve! (just pop 2 in the quantity box at the checkout)


How much does delivery cost?
I don’t charge a penny for delivery to Market Harborough, Rutland, Brixworth and surrounds. See details.

How do you pick the wines?
I pick the best sellers from the restaurant trade and the ones I love.

If I like a particular wine can I have it again or buy a case of just that wine?
No problem just get in touch with me and I will happily sort it out. In fact, a lot of people in the wine club have a repeat order of certain wines and a mix of wines I pick – check out the wine club page.

What happens if I don’t like a particular wine?
Tell me and let me know why you don’t like it, that way if it’s a fault with the wine I can get you another bottle or if it’s simply not to your tastes I won’t put that one or similar in your mix again.

Get in touch if you have a question

1 review for Jolly Good Vegan Box 🌿

  1. Jacqui Fellows

    Having tried several different wine box/subscription services over time, with Vivavino I have found a wine supplier that ticks the boxes from an ethical/vegan perspective and where I enjoy every single bottle! Chris is fantastic when it comes to selecting the wines that I will enjoy, the pinks are a particular favourite and the vegan reds are amazing but it’s great to be able to trust him to select wines that are genuinely vegan – I don’t have to pore over the label anymore just straight into the glass! I won’t be buying wine from anyone/anywhere else in the future!

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