Why Order Quality Wine Online? Ask an Expert…

Why did I order wine online from Viva Vino? Before I bought Viva Vino, I bought from Viva Vino. I spent almost ten years ordering wine online from Viva Vino, before Neil, my predecessor, sold the company to me. So, I thought I would share with you just why I was a customer. The answer is, quite simply, that ordering wine online through Viva Vino means that you get quality wines, good prices and hassle-free, friendly service.

Quality Wines

Viva Vino has been buying direct from importers for some twenty-five years now. Over the course of that time, the company has had plenty of opportunities to work out exactly who imports consistent, good quality wines directly from the vineyards. Three importers over that time have proven to be particularly exceptional and have developed a good working relationship with Viva Vino, currently providing almost all of the wine that Viva Vino sells. All of the wines are of excellent quality for their price and most of the wines are from small artisan vineyards and/or family-owned houses. None of the wines is ‘tank wines’ that are sold under various guises to and by the multiples.  All wines are guaranteed for quality, made with the time and care required to ensure a consistently exquisite drinking experience.Order Wine Online

Good Prices

Viva Vino is a wholesaler, which operates from home, selling and delivering wine to the public. The prices are good for two reasons: firstly because of low overheads; no business premises, no staff and none of the other such costs that my competitors have to pay for. Secondly, most wholesalers sell to retailers and retailers sell to you. At Viva Vino, we just see this as an extra cost to the consumer, so we decided to cut out the middleman. That in general means about a 25% saving is passed on to you, our customer.

Hassle Free Friendly Service

Viva Vino has always been a one-man business. From start to finish, with every transaction, the customer deals directly with the owner. No one else. This makes for a service that is simple, personal and efficient. The customer orders the wine, the wine is delivered and subsequently paid for and, in each stage of that transaction, the customer deals solely with me, Chris “Vino” Richardson. Just like Neil, my predecessor, who inspired me to purchase the company, I love wine. I love smiling, I love chatting and, if you put all that together, what do you end up with? A simple, friendly, efficient and, above all else, hassle-free service.Chris "Vino" Richardson

Order Quality Wine Online with Viva Vino

If you would like to order quality wine online through Viva Vino, just like I used to, please give me a call today on 07889 757660, or you can email me at chris@vivavino.co.uk. If you’d like a more detailed look at the fantastic selection of wines that Viva Vino has to offer, you can browse the wine list on our website.

Chin chin!

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