Mrs Wigley – The Perfect Summer Wine

Mrs Wigley Moscato is a crisp and fresh Australian fizz produced by Wirra Wirra. With frontignac as the main grape, this low alcohol fizz is perfectly designed to accompany a fresh fruit breakfast. Salmon pink with just a hint of rose, notes of Turkish delight, musk and citrus blossom dominate the bouquet.

Mrs Wigley is a delightfully and deliciously refreshing low alcohol wine, where aromas of rose petal and orange blossom combine with delicate dew melon and lychee flavours to create the perfect juicy, bright fizz with natural sweetness and a fine spritz.

The Perfect Tipple for Summer

As we head now into the summer months, a bright and juicy wine like Mrs Wigley is exactly what the doctor ordered. There’s nothing more refreshing on a summer’s day than this crisp and fresh Australian fizz. Juicy and full of life, the palate is loaded with the flavour of summer fruits and complemented by a splendidly balanced sweetness, acid and fine spritz.

Mrs Wigley is the perfect accompaniment to a fresh fruit breakfast in the sun, not to mention this scrumptious wine would go down a storm at a summer party. Whatever the occasion may be, popped in a bucket of ice, Mrs Wigley is sure to be a hit with your guests.

Mrs Wigley

Mrs Wigley Moscato

The History of Mrs Wigley

Are you wondering where this taste bud-tantalising wine got its unique name? Contrary to what you might think, the namesake of this wine, Mrs Wigley herself, was not in fact the wife of Wirra Wirra founder Bob Wigley, but was actually a pussycat!

The kitten was born at one of the neighbouring residences and her mother soon relocated the litter to settle amongst Wirra Wirra’s open fermenters. From then on, Mrs Wigley became a permanent resident in the vineyard’s cellars. She was such a prominent character around the vineyards that this wine was subsequently named after her.

Regional Information

Wirra Wirra’s vineyards are situated near the township of McLaren Vale, located in the state of South Australia. Over the years McLaren Vale, originally settled in 1838, has become one of the most accessible and highly regarded wine regions in the whole of Australia.

McLaren Vale’s Mediterranean climate, coupled with its proximity to the Gulf St. Vincent, is often credited for the region’s unique ability to produce consistent, richly complex wines from the classic grape varieties. Included in this is the powerhouse of the Australian wine industry – shiraz. Mrs Wigley is of course, no exception to this and is a delight to drink.

Mrs Wigley at Viva Vino

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