Keeping your glasses full at your event

5 #winehacks for your event

You’ve chosen a venue, sent out your invites, picked a theme even. Now here comes the fun stuff, picking the food and wine to perfectly complement your event. I am not going to bore you with the difference between a chardonnay or a Shiraz, instead, I am going to share some inside information for making sure your guests are never left with an empty glass.

1 – How many people are coming

Easy enough right? But you need to think about the people who drop out at the last minute and the ones who seem to bring the additional guests. We’ve all been there, some potential freebies on offer- I know I’d be there!

I hate to have to break this to you- but some people aren’t wine drinkers! This although shocking, is true. So out of your guests, are there beer drinkers? Spirit lovers or simply those who prefer a soft drink. Then you’ve got your reds, rose, whites and bubbles, it is impossible to know exactly what people will drink without an in-depth interview being conducted beforehand.

Now a good tip is to get a little extra than what you think you’ll need, anything leftover is a bonus. There’s nothing worse than running out, so always err on the safer side. With a service like Viva Vino, we collect whatever isn’t used and you won’t have to pay for it.

2 – How many drinks will they need?

Say you have a confirmed RSVP of 20 people. 2 drinks per hour is the general rule of thumb for any event organiser. So how long will your event last? For the purpose of this example, we will say 6 hours?

20 guests, 2 drinks per hour for 6 hours: 240 glasses.

As this is only based on an average, you don’t need to worry so much about the people who aren’t drinking as they will be balanced out by the ones who can probably have 3 in an hour.

3 – How many glasses are in a bottle of wine

Now, we’re delving further into the equation of wine and events…
You know you need 240 glasses of wine, keeping to standard measures a bottle of 750ml wine gets around 5 glasses.
Probably best to round up if you have extra glasses left.
From our 240 glasses earlier, we will need a minimum of 48 bottles of wine.

4 – splitting your wine

Red, white, rose, sparking. How do you decide how many of these 48 should be each of these? Now, looking at the popularity of red to white, the general ratio is 60:40.
Going back to our 48 bottles, this would mean that 29 of the bottles should be white and 19 red.

Hang on, we missed out the fizz! Where does this fit into this ratio? So, a nice glass of bubbly isn’t just for toasting or special occasions, it’s just an extra treat at any event. So, to add in a little bubble, it should be included after every sixth bottle of wine you purchase. The bubbles will count in your white wine ratio.

Back to our 48 bottles- we now have:

5 bottles of prosecco
24 white
19 red

We haven’t even started on rosé…

5 – Choosing your wine

Now you know how much wine you need, it’s time to purchase it. It can be a pretty daunting task, there are 10,000 varieties of wine grapes, which creates so many different final products.
I say- Don’t overthink and keep it simple, not every bottle needs to have a different label, taste, history. If you have had a tasty wine that you have particularly enjoyed recently- then go for it! Keep is relaxing, fun and delicious.

The time of day and year may heavily influence your choices. Perhaps leaning more towards sultry reds in the colder months, while favouring a cold, crisp white in the summer. It’s very much down to personal choice.

Or get someone else to do it!

This plan is never fool-proof and it can quite easily not go according to the strict 60:40, 2 drinks an hour rule. Which is why I do what I do, take the stress out of the guesswork and focus on having a brilliant time.

At all of our events, we supply delicious wines we know your guest will enjoy. Anything that isn’t used- we take back and you don’t get charged. So, over-order to your heart’s content, your guests’ glasses will never be dry.

A great event can be made even greater with a wine in hand.

Find out more about our event services by clicking here. Or Get in touch to speak to me about wine for an event, party or just for you!

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