Jolly Good Seasonal Box

jolly good seasonal box

Case of 12 wines from £120.00

Season’s Greetings!

Who doesn’t love our wonderful seasons, could you imagine living somewhere that didn’t have them? In my mind it would be terrible and what better way to enjoy the season than complimenting it with fine fayre and wine to match.

For example:

Just examples that so easily come to mind but what about something a little different, Spears of Asparagus with a glass of Torrontes or BBQ spicy beef kebabs with a fruity blend of reds from South Africa.

Have a Jolly Seasonal Box of Twelve and you will have a few delicious home comforts mixed with something off the beaten path, that all compliment the season

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Each case comprises 12 x 75cl bottles of wine. You can order in multiples of 12, as there is no limit to how many cases you want to order. On receipt of your order Chris Vino will contact you to arrange delivery and payment. We accept all major credit cards, bank transfer and cash on delivery.

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