Jolly Good Box

jolly good box

Case of 6 wines from £50.00

Case of 12 wines from £95.00

What is a Jolly Good Box?

It’s a box of wine that Chris Vino selects for you!

Why Jolly Boxes? Well the definitions of Jolly are; happy cheerful, joyous and merry! That’s what Jolly Boxes are all about!!

Who are they for? They are perfect for those that like wine and just simply want to save time. If you enjoy a glass but don’t want to turn selecting wine into a labour, spending an hour or so researching Vitis vinifera every time you need to restock then these boxes are perfect for you.

Chris Vino, will select the wines and stake his reputation on his choice for you, all you have to do is state how many bottles you want (in sixes) and how many of each colour you would like.

i.e 12 bottles please Chris, 6 red, 2 pink & 4 white.

That Easy – That Jolly

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Each case comprises 6 x 75cl bottles of wine. You can order in multiples of 6, and there is no limit to how many cases you want to order. On receipt of your order Chris Vino will contact you to arrange delivery and payment. We accept all major credit cards, bank transfer and cash on delivery.

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