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The Wineman introduces Viva Vino event service for Celebration Events

Chiling Service

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Cheese, Olives, Antipasti, Charcuterie and Much More

Why not take advantage of this excellent service ensuring perfectly chilled wines, ready to serve, for your special event.

Your chosen wines are refrigerated overnight, loaded into our professional coolboxes, and then layered with ice packs, prior to delivery.

Relax in the knowledge that your wine will keep cold for up to 48hours. Delivery can, therefore, take place the day before your event if required. The charge for this service is only £3/dozen bottles.

We are pleased to offer a range of ‘Savoie’ glassware for your function, free of charge, provided you are buying our wine. Glasses are delivered boxed, they are machine washed, hand polished and ready to use.

Please draw glasses from boxes as you need them to avoid mixing used and unused glasses. Please empty used glasses and stand upright, unwashed, in their boxes. Breakages are charged at £1.60 each or £2.50 for the larger 250ml wine glass.

As a natural partner to wine, we offer platters for you or your guests to enjoy. We have an extensive knowledge of deli products, especially in British Artisan Cheese, and great connections for deli treats to complement your wine choices.

If you would like a tub of olives or a wheel of cheese for your function we can help with that! Our olives are utterly delicious and our cheeses are selected by some of the best noses in the business. Our great value prices cover our deli products too.

Pick your wines of choice

Add a few extra for luck (remember our wines for events are ‘drink or return’)

Confirm if our chilling service is required

Confirm the volume of glasses required

If you want advice on wine choices or volume of bottles required, just ask

Before the event Viva Vino will:

Viva Vino will call to confirm the order and take a deposit

Your wines will be chilled and packed in specialist coolboxes

Viva Vino will deliver your wine and glassware to your event at the required time

After the event Viva Vino will

After your event, at an agreed time, we will collect the empty (dirty) glasses

We will collect the coolboxes and any un-open wine

Finally- we will ask you to share the Viva Vino name with your friends!

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