twelve wines to drink at christmas

The 12 Best Wines to Drink at Christmas

Christmas is a time of choices. Some straightforward. Some trickier. And some about as easy to solve as a Rubik Cube in the hand of a one-armed man with colour-blindness. So why add to the brainteasers by agonising over the wines you’d prefer to be gracing the family festivities and the visits of friends during…

jolly good classic 12 mix

Taste or Reputation – Which Wine Should I buy?

It’s a question almost as old as time: should I trust in my own taste or that of others? A question, when it comes to our choice of wine, that becomes even more difficult to answer as we stand before the packed shelves in a supermarket, off-licence, or wine-merchant. Especially if we are catering to…

Is supermarket wine good value for money

5 Reasons to Skip the Supermarket Wine Aisle

Is supermarket wine good value for money? I get asked this all the time. I understand that people are always looking for a bargain and sometimes this can mean that those £5 bottles of supermarket vino are all-too-tempting. Thing is though when it comes to seeking out a bargain, it’s not just about what you…

Wine for a Dinner Party

Choosing the Wine for a Dinner Party

Are you needing wine for a dinner party? The best way to show your family and friends that you are the very height of sophistication is an impressive selection of wine. Not only that, but the right wine will bring out the flavours in your meal perfectly and make for the ultimate 5-star dinner. Of…

Veneto, Italy

Holiday in a bottle: Globe-trot your way through our summer wine list

Summer wines Are you going on holiday soon and want to try the local wine in advance to get you even more excited for your trip? Perhaps you’re just back from a holiday and are looking to reminisce over the wonderful selection of wines you enjoyed whilst you were out there. Or maybe you’re not…

Wine merchant

Ask a wine merchant: How is wine made?!

We all drink wine, and most of really enjoy it. But how much do we actually know about it? How is it made, for example? And how did it first come to be? Well, fear not! Your very own expert wine merchant is here to tell you! What is wine? Most of you will know…

Order Wine Online

Why Order Quality Wine Online? Ask an Expert…

Why did I order wine online from Viva Vino? Before I bought Viva Vino, I bought from Viva Vino. I spent almost ten years ordering wine online from Viva Vino, before Neil, my predecessor, sold the company to me. So, I thought I would share with you just why I was a customer. The answer…

Mrs Wigley

Mrs Wigley – The Perfect Summer Wine

Mrs Wigley Moscato is a crisp and fresh Australian fizz produced by Wirra Wirra. With frontignac as the main grape, this low alcohol fizz is perfectly designed to accompany a fresh fruit breakfast. Salmon pink with just a hint of rose, notes of Turkish delight, musk and citrus blossom dominate the bouquet. Mrs Wigley is a…

Buy Wine Online

The Perfect BBQ: Burgers and Buying the Wine!

I think we can all agree that the weather we’ve been having lately has been lovely. Summer is finally here! And, of course, that means only one thing in the UK – barbecues. Lots of ‘em. Do you want to throw the perfect barbecue this summer? Look no further! From the all-important burger to buying…

Local Wine Merchant

The 2018 Collection, by Your Local Wine Merchant

At Viva Vino, our very own local wine merchant Chris has lovingly selected his pick of the top wines for 2018. Here, we’ve compiled some of the highlights into a blog, with a brief synopsis of each one, so you can see what tickles your fancy! Of course, you can browse the full 2018 Collection…

Alice Costa

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