Looking for wine for an Anniversary?

Milestone Anniversaries are cause for a great celebration and well worthy of raising a glass or two. Some like to celebrate over a delightful luncheon, others like hand-held food and disco dancing, some go big some go small some go inside some outdoor! The main thing is to get the right wine at the right temperature, at the right time, that also compliments the occasion, sounds a tricky thing to do. Well, it’s not, it is what Viva Vino is really good at.

Last year Viva Vino provided wine for lots and lots of Anniversaries, each event had its own individual requirements, but the actual average price for all things wine worked out to be just £9 per guest for a small but quality luncheon through to £19 per guest for an all-night party with a toast of fizz!

What they had:

  • Glasses of fizz on arrival
  • Red and white wines (sometimes pink too) to accompany the meal
  • More bubbles for toast (if having)
  • Red, white and pink wines for the evening dance
  • Elderflower and Raspberry Lemonade provided throughout the day for those that fancy a non-alcoholic option
  • Viva Vino and The Bride and Groom have a tasting and select their wines
  • Viva Vino works out the quantities
  • Viva Vino chills the wine
  • Viva Vino delivers the wine at a time that suits
  • Free Glass Loan with ‘No Need to Wash Up’
  • Viva Vino collects the glasses and any up-opened wine, at a time that suits
  • Viva Vino bills you only for what you have used, all drinks are provided on a sale or return basis

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