5 Reasons to Skip the Supermarket Wine Aisle

1) Top priority is the bottom line

Supermarkets purchase huge quantities of wine in order to get the best possible deals and discounts. When supermarkets choose which wines to stock, top priority is the bottom line. They aren’t buying on taste and they certainly aren’t supporting small, family-run wineries. Which reminds me…

2) They don’t support small wineries or local businesses

The best wines tend to come from small, traditional and often family-run wineries because these wineries put care and attention into every bottle they produce. When you put this much care into each bottle, you don’t produce enough to supply the big supermarket chains, which means you’ll never find wines from small, family-run wineries in the wine aisle.

3) It’s anybody’s guess!

When was the last time a member of supermarket staff advised you on a wine pairing recommendation, or which bottle would best suit your preference for full-bodied reds? I’m guessing never because these people aren’t wine experts. When you buy wine from the supermarket, they won’t give you that personal touch, they don’t let you taste the wine before you buy it, and they certainly won’t help you to identify that lovely white wine with the ship on the bottle from that restaurant you ate at last week. You only get that sort of treatment from a wine merchant. Like me!

4) Higher odds of a bad bottle

Think about how supermarket wine is stored. It goes from sitting in a warehouse to sitting on a shelf. Supermarket wine isn’t kept at cellar temperature and isn’t treated with the same care that it would receive from a wine merchant and all of this means a higher chance of a bad bottle. I think you’ll agree with me when I say there is nothing, and I mean nothing, worse than sitting down to a gorgeous home-cooked meal only to realise your wine has gone dodgy.

5) Is supermarket wine good value for money?

And so we return to our original question: is supermarket wine good value for money? Well… Last year, a study showed that a £5 bottle of supermarket wine was actually worth… (Drumroll, please.) …37 pence. I’m not kidding. Yes, you read that right. By the time you’ve deducted VAT (20%) and duty (£2.16 per bottle), as well as packaging, delivery, costs and margin, you are left with 37p’s worth of wine in a £5 bottle. A £10 bottle of wine, therefore, contains £2.46’s worth of wine, which is 7x as much for 2x the price. By this same rule, a £20 bottle will contain £7.09. So, for every £5 bottle of wine you buy, you only spend 7% of that money on the wine. When buying a £10 bottle, 28% of your money goes on the wine and 35% when you buy a £20 bottle. So, to reiterate, those oh-so-tempting £5 wines from your local supermarket are absolutely not good value for money.

The alternative to supermarket wine

When it comes to wine, Viva Vino can provide everything that a supermarket can’t. As a local wine merchant, Viva Vino can provide expert advice with a personal touch. Not only that, but I provide quality wine at wholesale prices. And that, my friend, is value for money. Without the markup. If you would like to order quality wine at wholesale prices, you can browse our full wine list. Or, if you’d rather hurry things up a bit, you can order a box today. Simply tell me your budget and the sort of thing you like and I will happily do the rest.